Print and cut is not accurate


I should cut out some embroideries made on the felt and then make some patches, I’m trying the Print and Cut function but even if I have set everything correctly, the cut is not accurate, why?

How can i solve? To crop the felt I used the same vector shape with which I did the embroidery, so the shape is perfect, indeed I used an offset of 1.0 just to cut a little beyond the embroidery but in the upper part it is precise in the lower part instead everything is wrong.

I am attaching some pictures to show you the problem.

try this alignment method and it might shed some light on which of your dimensions or laser registration points are in error. Method for cutting jobs that are > CNC workarea

One challenge that you’ll have is because your alignment marks are very close together. Any small deviance from perfect alignment or even due to resolution aliasing will result in a misalignment. Suggest you start with alignment marks farther apart.

The other potential issue I see is that where you’ve placed the alignment marks are not on a very easy to align part of the design. Is there a way you could place the alignment marks outside the design and have it be a very small crosshair or something else with a small central target?

Thank you very much for your advice, I tried again this morning but with poor results, I have to resign myself to the fact that there is this minimum margin of error which is still annoying.

Is the output on your fabric consistent? Is your red-dot pointer accurate? These things will affect the alignment of the print and cut registration. I am able to get within about 1/5 of a mm or less when using this on printed paper or using it to align multiple cuts.

@Gawards , consider that the alignment error may be due to the fabric gathering as a result of the stitching; it appears in the photo of the badge that the fabric is gathered in the surround of the diamond badge, at the top of the badge or right side of photo. If the base fabric gathers while stitching, then perhaps the stitched area, the diamond, also has some “shrinkage” or other dimension change due to gathering. Measure the stitched diamond with dial calipers for an accurate measurement.

My first thought is to make sure your beam out of the laser head is perpendicular at all positions on your bed area. Next I would validate the same issue happens with another material like wood or even paper.

I definitely encountered a repeatable error in P&C on 1.0.06 in just ONE project but no others of mine. However, it did not reproduce on others’ machines. Not sure why.

My mother has a BFA in textiles.

She constantly tests fibers in the kitchen with a match or a small candle. Wool and cotton turn to ash - synthetics melt and pull away from the flame.

If you are ablating a synthetic fabric - it may shrink most where the first cut is made and pull perpendicular to the first cut until the fabric is released. Because of the reduced connection in the fabric the second cut should pull less, third cut less still and fourth cut not at all.

For my wild guess, I’d like to know if the Noon to 3 cut was first and if the 3-6pm cut was second.

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