Problem patch to version 9.23

Salve ho scaricato la nuova patch 9.23 , ma continua a fare lo stesso problema , se sto tagliando delle forme la prima la taglia , la seconda la invia e si ferma a metà. Al momento sono tornato ad usare la 9.22. Posso sapere come risolvere il problema. Faccio presente che ho disabilitato tutti i risparmi energetici del PC. Grazie.

Hi I downloaded the new patch 9.23, but it keeps making the same problem, if I’m cutting some shapes the first one cuts it, the second one sends it and stops in the middle. At the moment I’m back to using 9.22. I can know how to fix the problem. I point out that I have disabled all PC power savings. Thank you.

mi dispiace ma a me la 9.23 futura 9.24 non funziona, fa lo stesso difeto, clicco start esegue un vettore , esegue il secondo vettore e si ferma a mettà. Sono costretto a fare un reset della periferica. sistema win10 pro 64, scheda mkbase 1.3 firmware grbl 1.1 LPC.

I’m sorry but to me the future 9.23 9.24 doesn’t work, it does the same defect, I click start it executes a vector, it executes the second vector and it stops at half. I am forced to reset the device. win10 pro 64 system, mkbase 1.3 grbl firmware 1.1 LPC board.

Do you see any messages in the console at all?

I have already seen all the messages, at the moment the only version that works well is 9.22. the 9.23 and the 9.24 beta downloaded from google drive behave in the same way the work on the vector starts and then it starts working. we will wait for news and breakthrough on the new stable and functional version.

You haven’t said if you see any console messages or anything like that. There were almost no changes for GCode systems between 922 and 924, so I’m puzzled as to why the 922 version works for you.

I am as perplexed as you are, no error message comes out in the console, I tried to generate the gcode and then made it run also to other software, completing the processing. if you want I make a video using the 9.22, and then I make a video with the 9.23 using the same file.

I think I have understood and solved the lighburn problem, I installed version 9.24, initially it behaved the same way as 9.23 forcing me to use version 9.22. I changed the $ 11 command from 0.0100 to 0.0200. now I try like this and then let’s see if anyone else has problems.

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