Problem sending data to laser issue

Please help! Using Lightburn.

My laser has been working fine all morning. I go to send down the next file, click “start” and I hear the 3 beeps that the file is done and the laser has not moved.

I try again and a window pops up saying: Problem sending data to the laser. May be busy or paused.

I try unplugging the usb cable, plug back in. No change.

I shut down the computer and all equipment and still, no change.

Can someone give me a clue as to what is going on? My work is paused until this gets figured out.
Per suggested on this forum, I checked to see if there were too many files in the file list and there was only one so I deleted it (even though I have cut tons of files).
I’ve even re-added my device to Lightburn.
What’s going on?

Thank you!

This sounds like a USB connection issue - do you hear a beep when you plug the USB cable into your PC, or see the device appearing in your Device Manager?

If not, try a different, high quality USB. If you’re using any USB hubs or extenders, take them out of line.

Here are some additional USB connection troubleshooting tips:

Connection Issues - LightBurn Software Documentation

Thank you so much. I thought that was the problem too until I saw the tiniest piece of wood stopping the lid from shutting. That was the issue.


Thanks for letting us know! Sometimes it’s the little things. :slight_smile:

I’ve used the forum a number of times. Always get my answers. So many helpful people. Thank you!

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