Problem to send files to the controller

I am using a AWC controller 708C LITE
When i start LB than it will find my laser and i can send a file to the laser. But when i will send a second file than i get the message that it is not possible. When i restart LB again it is working again for 1 file. What can i do about this?

PS. I forgot to mension that the connection is by Ethernet

When you start the job, you can only do one? Or when you send a UD5 file to the laser, you can only send one?

No, when i start the job. (sometimes 2) I have not tryed UD5 files.

Are you starting a second instance of Lightburn or only starting Lightburn once?

No, I only start LB once

Anyone an idea why this happens? Or are there maybe others with the same issue ?
The computer runs on W10

Hi Johan,

I had the exact same issue it turned out to be a bad Ethernet cable.
I swapped out the cable and it has been fine since.

What you describe sounds like a security program is blocking Lightburn from sending data. It works once and then the heuristics in the security software block any further attempts to send data. Or it could be any number of software conflicts or misconfigurations.

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I’ll have hardware set up again shortly and can investigate a bit. I don’t believe I’ve ever had this problem, but I’ll have a look.

I will test this with the security software off.

Today I tested with the security software off and there is no differents. I also saw that the filelist not works on the moment that I cannot send a file.

Are you connecting over WiFi?

Your could try pinging the laser ip from the computer you have lightburn on.

Click start then type cmd , then click command prompt.
And in the black box type
ping -n 100
Your laser might have a different IP address just change to what ever your lasers ip is.

If you get packet loss, that might be the issue.

If your computer is connected with WiFi try connecting using an Ethernet cable.

If you are connected using a Ethernet cable try replacing the Ethernet cable

No packet loss.
I will try the other thinks now

Today I find out that when I hit the refresh button in LB many times (20 or more) that I can send a new file to the laser. On a certain moment the list will refresch, is first empty and after some more hits there is a new list. Thats the moment I can send a new file.

Not clear what “refresh button” you are referencing. Please provide a screenshot of this.

Also tryed a new cable but whitout any result.

Did you already some investigation on this problem?

I haven’t yet. I will try to look into this tomorrow. I assume you have tried with LaserCAD and do not have this error with that software?

No, I have not. I will try today.

Hi, my version of the cotroller is
I have tryed LaserCad but i never used is, so i don’t no if this is working