Problem with Adjust image

Hi, so I was working on a project and for some reason the adjust image stopped giving me a copy of the new setting on adjust image. The new setting only shows in preview. I looked around the settings to find something about copy image but nothing. Thanks in advanced .

Can you share a screenshot of what you are seeing? When I adjust an image here, the updated are reflected in the workspace as well. Are you saying you do not see the adjustment represented in your workspace?

Yes that’s exactly what I mean. It was working but it stopped working out of no where. I can only see the adjusted when I save as bitmap or when I click the preview button.

I am not aware of this being reported previously, so thank you for this. What version of LightBurn running on which OS? What else can you share about your entire setup? I want to collect as much as possible, trying to reproduce on this end. :slight_smile:

If you set the image size or the DPI value too high, and it can’t allocate enough memory to process it, you’ll likely only see the original, not the processed version. Can you show a screen shot of the settings you have when it disappears?

It’s version 9.24. In this example it’s on threshold and 254 dpi. Before it would show the adjusted with these current settings. I even deleted the app entirely and reinstalled it. No change. Also in the pics it shows the changes setting and the preview it showed the adjusted setting but with the unadjusted pic in the bed.

On a side note the day it stopped showing me the adjusted I did have a whole bunch of pics I was messing with at once maybe it overloaded it somehow?

As mentioned, the dither modes are not reflected in the design workspace in the way you are thinking. I am not sure what you had done previously, but this is the expected behavior. :slight_smile:

These are the adjustments I shared in my post above. :wink:

Oh lol. Was it always like this? When I first downloaded the program it always made a copy of the adjusted image in the work space just like how it makes a copy of trace image. :disappointed_relieved:

I am not sure how you got this impression, maybe a different application, but no - not ever. :wink:

@LightBurn, would know for sure, but ‘live preview’ (displaying the image properties adjustments in the workspace, while you adjust) has been in the product for some time now. These adjustments do not create a copy, they are adjusting the selected image.

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