Problem with circles

Hello everyone,

I have a little problem with my ortur pro s2.
When I make circles (cut) it doesn’t make them perfect, they are more oval than round.

I checked the machine and when I tilt it 45 degrees only the X1 X2 axis moves, the Y axis which is where the laser is does not move even at 90 degrees.

I loosen the eccentric nut at the bottom and it is very loose.

I am going crazy

This output looks quite good.
I do see something that looks related to acceleration at 45 degrees.

Please engrave two more identical test circles, one at half speed and one at double speed. The half speed one will demand less acceleration when it changes directions - it should become considerably more round.

Mechanical Backlash is caused by loose mechanical components that permit movement. Some Backlash is expected, normal and tolerable. please ensure the belts and set screws are not loose as this can mess up your circle.

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