Problem with Docking palettes to Right of Workspace

I’m new to LightBurn and am running the trial version on a Windows 7 Pro platform using a Lenovo laptop E545. I’m having problems with the docking palettes to the right of the workspace and my layers bar at the bottom.
When I first boot LightBurn, the bottom of the bottom docking palette is cut off (think this is the LASER tab). I can remove the Library tab behind it and then it kind of works but the layers bar disappears. I’ve played around docking and undocking several of the tabs, and it only gets worse so I usually end up by doing a WINDOW>>Reset to Default Value, which kind of fixes things but the layers bar is still missing until I reboot, then the issue with the palettes starts all over again. In reading some other forums (outside the LightBurn forum), it appears this issue is happening to others as well.

Am I doing something wrong or is there an issue with this version of LightBurn to be addressed in the next version or versions??? And how would one go about flagging this issue for the LightBurn software team? Thanks

Can you take a screenshot of your entire desktop and post here? You can just drag the image into the text entry window.

Also, make sure you have LightBurn maximized? It might be that the window is being drawn beneath the taskbar.

What do you have the display set to? Are you applying any scaling to that?

You may have solved this for me. I did have the page maximized and the laptop is set to its maximum resolution(1366x768) but when you mentioned having the page maximized, I thought I might check just in case. As it was after booting, the top of the right positioned (lower position) laser panel was cut off (1). I tried undocking the Laser tab and once undocked, it wouldn’t re-dock (2). I deleted the Library tab which was underneath it. Now all I had was an undocked Laser tab and the Cuts/Layers tab on the right which went full height after I deleted the Library tab. Now I popped the Laser tab back over the palette position and it re-docked (3), going full height, but my layer bar was gone. I decided to minimize and re-maximize the screen, and that got everything working (4)!!!

I had a full height Laser tab but all the other tabs showed like they should so I could select them. Up to this point, I didn’t have the Art Library so I added it and it docked over the Laser palette (5) just fine. I only have one full-height palette now, but that’s fine. I don’t need one above the other as long as I can see their tabs and select them when needed. I’ll have to see if it stays this way when I close and reboot, but I know the trick now to get everything showing on the tabs in use (and the layers bar). I probably wouldn’t have thought about minimizing and re-maximizing without your asking the question about if the page is maximized, so thanks to berainlb and Rick!:slight_smile:

Glad you got it going. It does seem like a UI issue given that LightBurn was drawing under the taskbar even with the application maximized. Sounds like remaximizing nudged LightBurn to reconsider the situation.

I suspect not many folks are running on Windows 7 anymore so probably not getting exercised as much there.

Yup. Could be. I tried rebooting and the fix is still there so good to go at this point. Thanks again.

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This is a common issue when running on laptops.

I’m running Windows 10 on a HP laptop and have this issue frequently.

Numerous other post in the forum discussing the same problem.

Interesting. I wonder why laptops specifically. Possibly screen resolutions that are common on laptops but not desktop…

Or possibly cases where external monitors are being plugged in/out. I’ve seen windowing issues with other applications in those cases.

That’s quite possible. My first stab at this issue was to look at the screen resolution, thinking setting it higher might give a larger total workspace for the app to fit but as it turned out, the laptop was on its highest resolution which was only 1366x768 pix (limited, I’m sure by the display itself). In any case, running only one tab at a time on the right seems good so far (I haven’t attempted to add a second tab) and one tab works for me (I’m too attention deficit to handle more):slight_smile:

For what it’s worth I don’t think you’d have any problem adding control tabs now. I think the entirety of the problem was in the LightBurn application window being drawn under the taskbar. You could have “solved” this alternatively by hiding the taskbar or possibly by running, ironically, with the window not maximized and just resizing and moving the application so it sits entirely above the taskbar.

This is a usable work-around but it would be better if the application dealt with this natively.

I did end up adding the Library control tab (to the 6 that were already there) and it worked fine, dropped right into place. I had extra space in the workspace area so I expanded the control tab area to the left and that made all the tabs readable, so this is looking pretty good at this point. I really don’t like to work with windows partially filling the frame so I’m real happy that this way I can run maximized and everything shows the way it should (minus the two control areas to the right - only one right now but that’s good by me).

The issue, in broad terms, is that LightBurn’s default window layout requires more than 768 vertical pixels. All of the windows have a minimum height, and when the Cuts/Layers window and Laser window are arranged in the default way (both visible), there isn’t room.

The correct fix is to only have one pane visible, and tab them, instead of vertically sticking, or lowering the size of the tool buttons to make enough room for two to fit.

The next release of LightBurn will detect if your display is too small, and will do this for you, instead of you having to do it manually.

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Thanks Oz. That makes sense. One pane is no issue for me. As a side note which I tried to address in an e-mail to LightBurn, a possible mis-labeling of the WINDOW drop-down may exist, which lists “CUT palette”. Shouldn’t that be “COLOR palette” instead as it appears to control the visibility of the color/layer bar? Thanks for your note. Will be a paying member by the time the fix is implemented,

That’s insightful and explains some of the first screenshots posted here where the application fits above the taskbar but the 2 default panes are being drawn into each other.

The dynamic layout is a clever solution. Had you considered a side-by-side layout? That would allow both to still be displayed. Don’t know if it would intrude too much into the workspace though but seems like it could be reasonable.

Although the layers are represented as colors and labels the relevance of that section is to control the cut settings such as operation (fill, line, etc.), speed/power, scan angle, etc. It’s the main screen by which cutting behavior is defined for an operation.

We do seem to use these terms interchangeably. In the documentation…, we say “Color Palette”, and yes, we call the same the “Cut Palette” from the menu. Good catch. I will add that to our tracking system for review. :slight_smile:

Thanks Rick - appreciate that. I’m coming from the perspective of a new user and some of those seem a little confusing but that could well be my perspective. Another one you might consider is “Library”. Since there is an “Art Library”, could a modifier be placed in front of “Library” since it’s really a materials library? Just being picky. :slight_smile:

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Before you run into it yourself… one thing that threw me off was that what’s now referred to as “Fill” used to be called “Scan”. You will still see references to scan in many different places.

Got that one and I’m glad they changed it to “fill” which makes a lot more sense to me. “Fill” is self-explanatory to me. Thanks for the heads-up though.