Problem with rotary axis

(sylvain benoit) #1

Can anyone help me. I have this problem with the rotary axis. see picture.

(Isaac Barbary) #2

What’s the issue? Is a letter missing? Should the u be touching the o?

(sylvain benoit) #4

space between 2 letter, preview from lightburnCapture2

(Ray Kholodovsky) #5

Please provide more information.

I expected ___ to happen, but instead ____ did / did not happen.

(sylvain benoit) #6

i have a ruida rdc6442s-b(ec)
china engraver red & black 24x36
i use lightburn 9.02
my pc is in win 7 64 bit
I did a try with rdwork v8.01 and I do not seem to have the problem

(Ray Kholodovsky) #7

I still need a description of what is wrong with your work output.

Please use words to describe “the problem”:

(Ben) #8

It seems that there is an obvious gap - the ‘o’ should touch the ‘u’ as in the preview image they posted.

Blockquote[quote=“creationsylvain, post:4, topic:4327, full:true”]
space between 2 letter, preview from lightburn


(Oz) #9

Do you have “Flood Fill” enabled on the cut setting, perhaps?

(sylvain benoit) #10

No, Flood Fill is Off

(Oz) #11

Does it produce the same gap if you run it with the rotary mode disabled, on a flat piece of scrap? Can you show the settings you’ve applied for that layer?

(sylvain benoit) #12

No, on a plat piece is perfect. I had this kind of problem only in rotary mode. sometimes in the middle of a letter or an image.

(Rick James) #13

Could your object have slipped in the rotary? This can happen with a roller style rotary. Putting some weight in the object and rubber-bands around the object will provide more “grip” resulting in less likelihood of slippage.

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