Problema con relleno en grabado (Problem with fill in engraving What could it be?)

Buenas, tengo un problema al grabar con relleno, me quedan lineas sin grabar, y el grabado lo hace a cachos, primero por un lado luego se va a otro lado del grabado, y al final deja unas lineas finas sin grabar.
Que podria ser?

Good, I have a problem when recording with fill, I have lines without engraving, and the engraving does it in chunks, first on one side then it goes to the other side of the engraving, and in the end it leaves some fine lines without engraving.
What could it be?

Can you take a photo of what you’re seeing please?

Are you using flood-fill with a 45 degree scan angle? Flood-fill can be stressful for your laser. Any mechanical issues will be further exposed using flood-fill. It’s possible that due to either losing steps or backlash that you’re getting the gaps.

Try removing any mechanical slop from the machine.

Or else refrain from using flood-fill.

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