Problemi incisione

Che problemi ho cinghie sembrano ok

Thank you for the post. We want to offer help but you have not provided enough information about your setup for us to do so. Telling us, “What problems do I have straps look ok” is not very clear. Please try again with more words, including information about the controller and firmware you are using to drive this laser, version of LightBurn and so on.

When posting, please follow this procedure to help us all help you.

sorry for the few data sent, it all worked before updating the awc 708 ultimate firmware controller
with lightburn ultimate relase windows 10

Are you saying that you recently added the AWC708 or changed the firmware?

It looks to me like your machine is badly missing steps. I would check the acceleration and speed settings on the controller - If the idle or engraving acceleration is too high, the machine will miss steps during cutting.

can you recommend minimum speed settings?

None of those numbers look terribly high, but that will depend a great deal on what kind of machine you have and how it is configured. Is the first number “five thousand” or “five point zero”? I’m assuming that your commas and decimal points are reversed compared to the US form (5000 = 5,000 and 5 = 5.000), but it’s good to be sure.

If it is a large machine, with a wide gantry, it will have much more mass than a smaller, lighter machine, and will need lower accelerations.

When the machine is powered, if you can move the laser head by hand without too much difficulty, you might need to increase the motor current to your stepper motors.

What speed did you run the cut at?

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