Problems with engraving

Does somebody know how this pattern comes? I have an smoothieboard v1. Acceleration at 3000mm/s^2 and want to engrave with 300-400mm/s. But everytime I get this pattern. I already switched the x Motor, detached the cable chain, Play around with Motor current, acceleration and junction deviation, but i didn’t get an reliable Output. If the Speed is under 100mm/s everthing looks quite good. The weird Thing is that it goes in both directions outwards. Thanks for the answers.

Is this engraving done at an angle? Did you accidentally enable “Smoothieware Clustering” in the settings? (You shouldn’t, as you would not have that feature without the custom firmware I wrote for Cohesion3D)

Smoothieware only updates the PWM output 1000 times per second, but that’s only 0.3mm of distance at 300mm/sec, so it should not be that visible.

What does this look like in the LightBurn preview?

No it’s not done at an angle.
Smoothie clustering ist disabled.
In the Lightburn preview everythings Looks perfekt like it should.

Can you show a screen shot of the design in LightBurn itself, and of the settings you used?

Of course. It´s just a square 8 x 20mm. It´s the same effect without any text in it.

I can’t say what that is, but I very highly doubt it’s LightBurn. You can save the GCode and run it in an online simulator to verify that at least.

I haven’t seen this before, so I don’t know what to tell you to look for as far as a cause. Check to make sure your motors and belts aren’t binding or loose, as that would affect it. Try running it with ‘bidirectional’ turned off - if that improves it, the problem is most likely the X axis being loose, stuck, or some issue with the bearings.

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