Problems with lightburn on a new windows 11 computer

Hello, I have installed the latest lightburn version on my new computer that I just bought with windows 11. I set the program the way I like it, showing the color pallet at the bottom, numeric editing at the top and what windows on the right side that I need. These are the camera, layers, and console. I can shut the program down and when I reopen it, all those settings are gone and I have to go back into the window setting screen at the top and reselect them again. Sometimes the program will go to start and get stuck on the splash screen or freeze when I go to X out of the program. This is all very frustrating since the program worked great on my old windows 10 machine for a year and a half. There is no virus program running or anything else, just windows. I did save my preferences after setting them too and I also backed them up. And by the way, when the program loads without my settings, I import the saved settings and my settings still don’t return. I wish I could get things back to where they would work reliably again. Thanks for any thoughts.

Did you try to uninstall and install it again? Sometimes, this seems to help in such cases.

Yes I uninstalled restarted the computer and reinstalled the program 2 times.

Then I don’t have many ideas left, except installing Windows again as well :slight_smile: It might be something with file permission rights, such that the preferences are not saved to disk. But that’s not very likely. You could try to “run as administrator” and check if it works then.