Progress on Support for Cubiio 2


I have a Cubiio 2 machine, but the software is less than optimal. Engraving is ok if you prepare a bitmap and transfer it to the android app. I would like to cut cardboard and do more intricate designs now.
A year ago there was some activity on supporting the Cubiio 2. Any news on that?

greetings, Rogier

@jnesselr is point on Cubiio but with the recent return from #MRRF and Galvo Release today a delayed response is reasonable. I am certain that work is progressing.

Yep, work in progress! We’re communicating with the Cubiio team and will hopefully get it all worked out sooner rather than later now that Galvo is released and MRRF is done.

Thank you. I searched for the topic, but there were no recent results. I will follow Justin’s topic.
I heard good things about LightBurn, and am eager to make better use of my laser.
Let me know if anything needs to be tested. I am working as a software developer and have an education in electronics.

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Fantastic news!

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