Public Beta Release - 1.5.02

Public Beta Release - 1.5.02

In order to improve the quality and stability of public releases, we offer a “Public Beta” period for new releases.

We’ll test to the point we normally would before a release, then make the new version available here for anyone who wants to try it. We’ll gather feedback from those users to address any issues we missed before doing a general release.

Reporting Bugs

If you encounter a bug in a public beta, please let us know by sending an email to Please provide us with as much information as you can recall - ideally, provide the steps required to produce the issue, and attach any screenshots, crash logs, or images as needed. Please put ‘Public Beta’ in the subject line of your email., so we can set out to reproduce it and fix it.

The standard licensing rules apply - you’ll need to have a current license key to run these (or be in an active trial period). If you encounter any issues while using a beta, you can just install whatever version you were using before, or grab the current released version from the Trial/Download page.


Public Betas can be downloaded from here .


Here’s the full list of changes for the 1.5.02 beta (since the 1.5.00 release):

  • Bugfix: Handle different image paddings in PDF files
  • Bugfix: new SPLINE parser would crash when trying to close degenerate splines (single node)
  • Bugfix: HSpace wasn’t being included in new font advance code
  • Bugfix: Cached images could load in incorrect orientation

Thanks. You´re the best.

After the update the cut stops, or does not start until after several attempts

is this on Gweike Cloud Pro II?

yes! I have a Gweike cloud pro II

Sorry, but will the clear layers in 3d mode be fixed then?

You’ll have to be more specific. What are you referring to?

Before that, I talked to your engineer that the mathematics of cleaning layers in 3D engraving works incorrectly. It should clean the first layer through every n given passes. Now it cleans the same layer as it engraves, let’s just say every third.

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