Puzzle remake after Image trace

Hello guys,
I’m making puzzles from picture and it bothers me that when I trace image I got that two lines and gap between them. Is there any way how can I have only one line?

I tried to draw line but is there any option how can I remove the remaining part? It will be great if there would be an erase option :smiley:
zupanije.lbrn (507.2 KB)

No, unfortunately it is not (yet) possible in LightBurn to centerline-trace.
But you can easily “convert to path” your object and then process points and lines, including deleting them.

Did you mean on this? If it is, unfortunately I didn’t find it so helpful because after trace there is to many points so it’s easier to draw a line in the middle of a gap.

I usually remove one whole line at a time but with a complicated puzzle with a lot of lines it is almost impossible.
How big is your puzzle ?, number of pieces?

What you are asking for is not unreasonable…it’s just really difficult to do well. It is on our list of goals, but will take a significant effort. :slight_smile:

This one has about 40 pieces, but it’s just a test… I have in plan to do some with about 300-400…

I’m glad to see that is on list of goals and I wish you all the best in resolving that :smiley:

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