Query about text having gaps filled in

I’m fairly new to using Lightburn and laser engraving in general and am struggling with something that hopefully is an easy fix.
Basically I am creating some logos or images in illustrator and converting them to SVG files. When i open them in Lightburn different parts of the logos have different layers assigned to them and some are line and some are line and fill. The trouble with this is that on some lettering the blank spaces are getting infilled. Is there a way I can sort this out?

send the file up here I will give it a try

Select everything, click layer 00 (if you want line and fill for everything). If you want just fill, same drill (select everything and assign it to one layer) and set that layer to fill.

Look through the documentation to gain an understanding of how fill works. This will help you understand a little more about what’s going on in this scenario.

The light pink color is what happens when you import a file that has an area filled with solid white - it’s the lightest color LightBurn can find to match. Since the laser can’t “un-burn” an area, this doesn’t work - you have to omit that area from the shape to begin with, not paint over it, and you do this by just making a shape of the area to omit in the same color as the original.

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