Query re license key

I purchased a license key for lightburn but cant find it anywhere! Is there a way of regaining this please

Contact via email




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Thank you much appreciated

Lana, I replied to your email.

For anyone else reading this, please specifically contact us via the support email address. This goes to a centralized help desk with tools that our entire team has access to, while sending direct messages to specific staff members does not have any of these benefits and makes it harder for us to do the same things and get you a response in the most timely fashion.

If you purchase a license key directly from LightBurn (as opposed to going through a reseller, not that there’s anything wrong with that) you can use the license portal to manage your license activations, as explained here, and you will also be able to view your license key on that portal:

(And if you did go through a 3rd party reseller, you just email us with the info described in that post and we’ll set it up.)


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