Questions about the new version

Hi Oz. I’ve downloaded a new version this morning, where do I learn what’s on it. Is the curve text feature available on this new download. I bet you fed up with people keep banging on about curved texting !!! Lol. It will be nice to have it tho. Doing a great job with the programming. Why does the program crash at some point. Usually when you’ve spent ages setting a job up then bling. Gone. Bit annoying. Is it my Mac or something I’m doing to cause it ??? Ray.

Info on the latest versions is posted here:

Curved text won’t be for a little bit yet - it’s functional, but still needs a bunch of cleanup.

For crashes, if it happens you should get a crash report. Send it to me by email and that helps me track down the cause. It shouldn’t crash.

Release notes can always be found on our News Blog as well as a text file found in the folder where you installed LightBurn.

A search for “release notes” returned this:

Here is the latest on Text on a path listed on fider.

Thanks Oz, I’ll do that, send a report to you on a crash, have a good day sir, Ray. :+1:t2::blush:

Hi Oz & all the crew at Lightburn :clap::clap: I see there is a new download, is the curved lined text on this ? If so how do I use it. And the new additions to the new download. Thanks Ray.

The current release is 0.09.02 and we recommend all users stay up to date with the most current releases.

“Curved text” will be known as ‘Text on Path’ and has not been publicly released but the development work and internal testing are well underway. What you saw was a “teaser” / preview of what we are working to provide and will put out soon. And please, don’t follow with “When?”, as we will not commit to an exact date of release beyond “working on it” and “soon”. :slight_smile:

Okee dokee that’s answered my query, thank you. :joy::joy::joy: