Radius Tool, I have looked to find an answer / limitation

I needed to fillet (radius) some corners on a plaque frame, but the radius tool in LightBurn would not function on them. I needed to export the shape and make the fillet in VCarve Pro.

I looked around to see if I could understand the requirement for the radius tool to round over a corner, but I did not find the specifics.

I have attached the file.

RadiusToolExample.lbrn (121.0 KB)

Lightburn can only blend a radius between 2 straight lines. It cannot blend a radius between an arc and a straight line, or blend a radius between 2 arcs.

Well that makes me sad. :face_with_head_bandage:

I recall something similar and my way out was to do an offset (outside) which gave a similar shape but rounded on those points, then do another offset (internal) on the offset initially created to get back to original size but with nice radius’ed corners

There is a trick that OZ has shown before that works well when you want all of the sharp corners to be the same radius size.

In your case, you would select your shape and offset it to the outside by 0.125" with corner style round.

If you want to have something to check ( for reference ), select your original shape and place it on T2.

Now select the new shape that was offset out by 0.125", and offset it in by 0.125" and select delete original objects along with corner style round

When you zoom and pan around your new shape overlaid on the original shape on T2, you will notice that the square corners are now 0.125" fillets, and the other original radius corners are back to their original size.

I appreciate the work around suggestion. Knowing / confirming it is a limitation to the function rather than my own error, I still have and use VCarve Pro for the CNC Router (where I could perform a more advanced fillet if and when rarely needed).

I just really prefer drawing in LightBurn (for laser, for the CNC router, and now even for staging / beginning 3D modeling).

It was exporting this object to SVG that lead me to discovering that T1 and T2 exports are not LB friendly.

agreed, i now only really use vCarve for these elegant radius and curves. it can make a smooth radius between any two lines, straight or curved .

export from lightburn, import into vcarve , 10 seconds later i send the finished vectors back to lightburn with all the curves done.

i look forward to any radius tool improvements.

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