Random GRBL errors

I have a STUMP diode laser. Running grbl 1.1f.

Whenever I try to run my project, I get a grbl error 24.
If I rerun it, I’ll get a 24 error but on a different line.
For example:
I’ll get an error 24 on line 1078
Rerun and get an error on line 642
Rerun and get an error on line 750
Rerun and get an error on line 1512

It is never the same line. Looking at the gcode at those lines. They do not look different than any other lines of code near them.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,

You most likely have a wiring or electrical noise issue that’s causing commands to get scrambled.

Hi Oz, I created a file in Lightburn. I could not get the the project to run in Lightburn. I ran it 4 times. I got error 24 on lines 129, 78, 453, 786 lines. I saved the file as G-Code.

I loaded the G-Code file into LaserGRBL and I ran 78000+ lines with no issues/(zero errors) in LaserGRBL.

That makes me think it’s not noise.

While I have a work around for the issue, it is not ideal.

Which streaming mode do you have set with LaserGRBL? (http://lasergrbl.com/configuration/)

Also, type ? in the console and hit enter, paste the response from your controller here.

LightBurn uses character counting, meaning it has pre-defined knowledge of the buffer size used by GRBL, and keeps it as full as possible for maximum throughput. If you are using Synchronous or RepeatOnError as the transfer mode in LaserGRBL, you aren’t comparing the same things.

LightBurn currently has about 22,000 users, roughly half of them using GCode systems. If the sender in LightBurn was faulty, you would not be alone with this issue.

Hey Oz,
You were right, I am set to Syncronus in LaserGRBL. I started running into issues with that program today.

I wrote the company I bought the P.O.S. engraver from and demanded a refund or replacement. Considering, they claim to follow ISO 9001 quality standards. I am not impressed.

Thanks for your help. I hope for better luck with the next machine I get.

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