Range preview laser


I am a newbie here and also the software is new to me.

Is it possible to create a range preview of the engraving object?
I used this option a lot in LaserEngraver 3


Select all the artwork on the screen, and then click the little icon in the top menu bar that looks like a monitor.

You can click Play, or drag the slider back and forth to see how the job will be executed.


Thnx for answering. That’s not exactly what I mean.
Look at the video I made.

Range preview


That is called “Framing”. Just click the Frame button on the right, it is a dashed rectangle.

Hi Kevin

Thnx. I got it. Is this also possible with beam on?



I got it. Thnx


Only the laser is not going on when I press the shift key.
I see the fire button on the right side.

The laser doesn’t come on when you press the Shift key. It comes on when you click the ‘Frame’ button while holding the Shift key, using the power value set in the box next to the laser Fire button.

Sorry that’s what I did.

No laser beam.

Do you get a beam when you press the Fire button?

No I don’t get a beam

Sorry when pressing the fire button YES

Try increasing the power value you entered. If it works for the Fire button it should also work for framing.


Thnx that did the job. I had a low value for protecting my eyes.

It works!

Thnx a lot and Kevin too.


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