RDC6442 or RDC6445

Considering updating to a Ruida controller.

AWC708 that I have does not integrate with Lightburn as well as I would like.
Origin options and rotary setup are a couple of examples.

So I am wondering about RDC6442 vs RDC6445.
Are there any differences as to how tightly these two integrate with Lightburn?

Both these controller integrate with Lightburn without issue. I have the 6442 which is quite adequate but for the difference in price I wouldn’t hesitate with the 6445.

The 6442 is a drop in replacement for the Top Wisdom. The 6445 has a larger display. You will at least have to widen the mount hole by around 50mm. In my case, I had to build a mount enclosure box, the edge of the display was going to hang over the side of the machine.

Matt did an excellent video on just this change out.

Thanks the two Daves for your response. I need to word my question a bit more concisely.

My Lightburn experience is with a Trocen controller, which does not allow Lightburn to control certain functions. So I am a bit wary and would like to make an informed decision before deciding on a Ruida controller.

I am well aware that Ruida controllers work with Lightburn.
My query is more to are there any differences between the Ruida models regarding functions controlled by Lightburn.
I was hoping that Oz may see this thread and respond.

No difference because the 6442 and 6445 are identical controllers. The only difference is the display. The 6445 package has firmware available which allows for the rotary to be independently dedicated to the U axis. The 6445 keypad is worth every bit of the small difference in price. I do not like the 6442 keypad at all. Moving the z axis, for example, is just annoying. The menus and resolution on the 6442 are also not as good.

There are additional options now in the 644X series like a full touch screen as well.

Thanks for your post Jeff.

No problem. Here is a video demonstrating the new Ruida 5 and 7" touch screens. It may take a while to load that site. It is Ruida ACS China.

Video doesn’t work. LightObject actually has the 6445 cheaper than the 6442.

Thanks. I fixed it. I guess the provider didn’t like the direct link.

Thanks for the video link.

However my preference would be for a conventional layout with buttons to press.

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