RDC6445G hangs changing layer speed/power

Hi all,
I have completely rewired a cheap K40 laser with a Ruida RDC6445G as a test bed for building a larger machine from scratch.
Everything works about as expected, apart from a couple of not so obvious issues.

The one I’m going to describe looks like is strictly HMI (fron panel related).

From Lightburn (or RDWorks, for this matter) I save a .rd file onto an USB drive and copy it to the RDC controller memory via its dedicated USB port; then, I want to change the cutting speed and/or laser power directly from the control panel.
According to the RDC445G manual (page 27 on PDF manual v1.0 or page 42 on manual v1.2), I select a layer, press , change my speed and/or power %, then select Write and press again.

The problem is: sometimes this works, but most often (especially changing both speed and power) the HMI (display panel) hangs, i.e., it does not respond to keyboard anymore. The only way to unlock it is to shut the system off and back on.

By the way, if a PC is USB linked to the controller, it still communicates even when the panel is unresponsive, suggesting it may be an HMI problem (I also updated the HMI firmware).

The current RDC firmware is v15.01.17, but I also tried v15.01.18 and v15.01.15 without any visible changes.

This happens on all .rd files, from the simplest (a single line and layer) to the most complex ones.
Did anybody experience something like this?

There is an HMI firmware update available (although I wasn’t able to install it on my 6445). I have an older firmware however, so it may not be compatible with that.

Woah… Ruida posted HMI firmware download on their site

Yes, I found and updated it (RDC6445G-HMI-V10.01.07_update.hmi), but the problem persisted.
By the way, it shows up as V10.01.06 (visible during reset) instead of 10.01.07 as from its filename (something like the v15.01.19 firmware that installs as v15.01.18…).

Thanks anyway for your reply.


I asked the vendor (Cloudray Laser) for support: they replied same day and quickly contacted Ruida; they concluded the panel might be faulty. A replacement panel is on its way right now.
What can I say: I couldn’t expect a better service.

I’ll post how the replacement works as soon as I get it.

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