RDC6445S can't upgrade firmware

Recently upgraded controller from Trocen to Ruida RDC6445S. Mostly because I believed the Ruida was more tightly integrated into Lightburn as far as Rotary axis is concerned.

Now to get the rotary setup I am first trying to upgrade the firmware.
As purchased from Cloudray it has RDLC-V26.01.13

Have tried via RDworks

All have thrown an error “Mainboard and firmware do not match” or words to that effect.

Obviously I am doing something wrong. Any help would be appreciated.

This is the model purchased from Cloudray.


Current RDWorks is .59. I know they have .54 on the Ruida web site, not sure if it’s been updated for the .59, but I have it available on my Google Mod Page at the top.

Not sure RDworks version will make a difference but thanks for your post. I will try it anyway.

More hunting around and it looks like the firmware versions I have found are for the 6445G and not for the 6445S

I wish I had known this before buying from Cloudray. Looks like they only sell the S model. I was told the only difference was one did dual laser.

So where do I find firmware for the 6445S

There is a 6442 folder at the top of my Google Page and some documentation. Let me know if you need more, I can contact my guy at Ruida.

I have the 6445S. Not 6442. I am getting nowhere with finding updated firmware for the 6445S
Plenty of options for the 6445G

Sorry, my bad.

I’ll drop my guy at Ruida an email and see what he can send. It will take a few days, but he’s usually pretty good at getting back.

Thanks Dave

I have been in contact with Ruida. So far they keep sending me info relating to the 6445G

It is seems obvious to me that 6445G and 6445S are different as far as rotary axis is concerned.

None of the firmware versions that I can find available for the 6445G will be accepted by the 6445S

My guy is near the top of the food chain in the IT department, and I do some beta for them. I’ll let you know as soon as he gets back to me, With the time difference and him having several projects going it usually takes a day or two

As far as I know, the main difference between the S and the G is single or multi laser tube, but there might be more than that.

Thanks Dave

I will try to supress my strong temptation to order a 6445G and dump the 6445S

Will wait and see what transpires.

LOL… Well if it comes to that, there is a little known secret that you can order direct from Ruida and get factory tech support on your order. If you bought from a third party they have agreements in place that you need to go through them first. Although you said you were in contact with them already. Bad part is the English side of the support is a bit problematic. The English email people are not the tech people, just the translators. Even my guy’s English is not good, but I generally know what he means. Worst case there is always Google translate. Never had to go that far with emails, but I have used it on the documentation from time to time.

I sent an enquiry to Cloudray where I purchased it from. So far no response.

What frustrates me is that almost all the sellers on Aliexpress sell the 6445G, but Cloudray sell the 6445S.
I wish I had been a bit smarter when ordering.

Cloudray sells many different models, I got my 6445G from them before I knew I could order direct from Ruida. I just uploaded the 6445S update to my Google Mod Page, it should be the last one in the list. The rest are G fi8les.

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Hooray it works !!!

Loaded the firmware that you provided and now it does all that I had hoped.

Gone from RDC V26.01.13 to RDC V26.01.16

Now rotary all works from both RDworks and Lightburn.

Although it is better in Lightburn as the file can be started directly from the software. No need to send and start from the controller as in RDworks

Thankyou very much Dave. Your help is very much appreciated.

Just curious. Is this a firmware that you already had or is this just newly arrived from Ruida?

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First, you can start from RDWorks, downloading is not required unless you have an OLD copy. .54 is the last published on the web site, .59 was just released and I have it on the Google page. The web site people at Ruida are a little behind the times. The CANVAS ( Camera ) feature is a little clunky yet, but it’s a work in progress. They are also working on a totally new software package that should be released for beta some time in the spring.

That firmware is fresh from Ruida. I loaded it over to the Google page just after my guy emailed it to me. What I’m waiting for is the multi parking spots. In the current firmware, you select a single return point, and the head will go there after a cut, or if you move it, it will go there by pressing ESC. The new firmware will have three parking spots chosen by button press combinations. One combo to return to home, another to return to Origin, and a third to a programmed coordinate point. It will let you get the cut piece and waste out of the way, then put the head back in the right place to start the next cut.

I’m not sure on the S firmware, but in the G, the STATUS delay works nicely. Lets you use that terminal for a delay start to let the air or exhaust, on a relay, come up to speed before the laser starts cutting.

I probably did not try hard enough with RDworks.
Lightburn is my preference anyway.

After ditching my Trocen controller for Ruida, which I did to get proper rotary axis control, I am very relieved that it is now behaving as I had expected.

Thanks again for your assistance.

Yeah, I didn’t realize what I was purchasing and got one with a Top Wisdom controller. it lasted a few months before I got the Ruida. Never looked back.

Dave you certainly have influence. Ruida emailed me the new firmware.

A website link to further updates would also be a good thing to have.

At this point, Ruida doesn’t post updates for the firmware. The individual sellers have the option to customize it, and factory releases would wipe out that customization, so from their point of view, you should be going back to the company you purchased from for controller updates. If you purchase your controller from Ruida directly, you would have a contact point for updates that way. Unfortunately most sellers don’t bother with more than adding their logo to the screen and play dumb on firmware updates.

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Hi, im sorry, i cannot your page. i have some problem.
please sent me RDC V26.01.16
thank very much. autoimlauf@gmail.com

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