RDC6445S install from AWC608 Issues Abound

I just upgraded from the AWC608C to the RDC6445S and I can not get the controller to move anything but the Y axis down. It will not go up or left to right. Also, the laser will not pulse and finally the water protection keeps warning me. Even when I turn the Water Protection off in the settings, the laser will not pulse. I need some ideas on what to try, please and thank you

Did you check the configuration of the AWC608 and ‘port’ what you could into the Ruida?

Has the lps worked previously?

The default configuration of the Ruida, which I have no idea what it is, never seems to work right with the default information.

How do you have the steppers and the laser lps wired?

There is probably a water protect on the lps itself.

Do you have a chiller or water system?
Whose warning you? Chiller or Ruida?

The best way is to tackle a basic item first and work your way down. I’d suggest motors, as they are the end object.

Set the proper ‘step length’, ‘acceleration’, ‘max speed’ of the motors for each axes?

Need to have the right configuration. see my end comment.

As far as the lps goes it’s only a few connection…

Screenshot from 2022-03-19 10-04-31

L-AN1 - analog power control - not usually used

WP1 → water protect, active low
LPWM1 → IN lps
L-On1 → L lps
Ground to ground…

Screenshot from 2022-03-19 10-08-06

The left is your mains input.

L = Enable low active - H is the inverted input for H enable.
P = water protect
G = Ground
IN = pwm input.

On this connect the center two connectors, G & P, are wired to ground.

Two axes, one working. Use Y as a reference to the non working axes…?

Good luck


Thank you for your response!! Here are pictures of the original controller wiring and new wiring setup. I moved one wire at a time from the 608 to the new controller and this is what was left. The laser fired and axes were working with the old controller but are not now. Even the water protect was working with the old controller.

In the last photo, you are missing the laser control LPM1 that controls the lps…

LPWM1 → IN on the lps

No chance of it operating properly without this… :frowning:

L-On1 is used to ‘enable’ the lps. The LPWM1 controls ‘power’, so to speak.

You can see it in the photo I posted.

If you still have an issue, include a photo the lps wiring. If it is similar to the one I posted, no need. If they are the same, please advise us…

I think when it’s wired properly, it’ll probably fly.

Good luck


Yeah I saw that. I hooked up all the wires the way they were labeled on the original controller. What should I do? There are no wires left to connect.

Screenshot from 2022-03-20 08-29-41

You sure?

Does it home properly?


ok it is firing now but it is staying on :pensive:

Also, it is not homing at all.

One of the issues that I will bring up, that I kept from saying until now…

The Ruida usually ‘sinks’ current, meaning if you wire a solenoid you connect it to the 24v supply and the Ruida ‘completes the ground’. The AWC I don’t think works this way. But it’s not in all areas, but I don’t know it well enough without looking at the manual.

You’ve just got a wire or two hosed. Let me find the manual for that animal and see if we can bring it back to life and breath fire again, under control…

A video had these lps connections

Screenshot from 2022-03-20 09-16-35

It’s probably your laser firing issue.

TTL → TL would be the Ruida L-On1 → L connection on the lps…

He shows mechanical limits pulling the inputs to ground. I’d run with it until we know otherwise.

The only manuals I could find were about the supplies software, none on how to actually wire it up… Must be out there somewhere.

Good luck


Thank you so much for all your help. I I think I had the wired backwards on the LPW and the L-Out so I switched them around and am getting ready to test it. I am scared to death of electricity…lol so wish me luck on not electrocuting myself or frying my board!!

ok…i am back to getting the water protect error and it is travelling along the x axis in the wrong direction but what I noticed is that it is moving at a snails pace. You can barely tell it is moving. One thing I remember is that the 5v for the steppers were shared. I wonder if I jumped the 5v wire from the x axis to the y axis, if that would cause the y axis to home??

Your steppers are not driven by the 5v, they are 24v, the drivers maybe.

Again, I suspect the controller is not set up. Where did you get step length values for the controller?

Screenshot from 2022-03-20 09-59-57

Did you fill all of this stuff out correctly?


I didn’t have anything to go by with the steppers due to the fact that LB could not read the AWC608C controller so I left the steppers alone. I did back up the settings for the new one so I can mess with them without tearing anything up. I took pictures of all the settings in the old controller with my phone though but I just have not gotten that far yet.

here are my settings so far.

Most controllers will allow communication with them, just need enough power to run them.

Might be worth finding their software and attempting to connect, just to get the data. Might be the ‘cheap’ investment in the long run.

I though this was one they supported, but can’t remember the list. If it’s really dead, nothing going to talk to it.

Maybe the manufacturer is around ?

Another option, it might be worth hunting down a similar machine.

Out of curiosity, which corner is it supposed to home?

Good luck


It homes to the back left

Here is how the wires are connected now. no pulse getting Water error code

Do you have a chiller.?

If so, how is it connected.?

The error you are getting is probably from the controller. Usually the switch is connected between WP1 (Water Protect laser 1) and ground. It goes to ground when ‘active’ or when you have water flow.

It can be disabled in the Ruida… I don’t recommend it because cooling is a requirement. Shouldn’t pulse it without some kind of coolant flow.


chiller is connected direct. I have a flow detection meter on the laser. I do not have the chiller wired to the laser. The only connection with it is the meter.

yeah I always have the chiller running