Rdworks AND Lightburn running on same machine?

Can you have Rdworks AND Lightburn software both running on the same computer?
And connected to the same laser. OMtech 60w?

There is a project function needed via RDworks that is not available in Lightburn.i.e. The “Dot” perforation.

There is a perforation mode in the cut/layer, which I understand you can use instead.

Probably. The issue is that the Ruida will respond to whomever sends it a UDP packet…


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Thanks. What I need is a true “dot” perforation and not a “dash” as in Lightburn.
something that produces a line with a kind of pulse, pulse, pulse, etc. instead of actually stopping between each burn. RDWorks has the “dot” availability.

There is a way to do that, I’m unable to find the thread.

it would have to stop to punch a hole…

I’m sure I’ve see it described.

There is a ‘dot mode’ in the advanced section…


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Dot mode is discussed here:

It’s available under Advanced tab in Line cut setting.

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