Really Bad Detail In VECTOR Design

Hi All,
I am having a heck of a time engraving faux leather coasters. The designs are vector and have crisp, clean lines.

When fill engraving I am getting horrible detail and it looks like I am losing power from left to right. I have aligned the mirrors and just replaced the 20mm nozzle lens also (tried both sides).

Settings In LB…
400 mm/s (tried multiple speeds)
20 Power (tried multiple)
260 LPI (tried multiple)


You mention in another post that your laser had a tuff ride on its way to you, cracking a lens.

Is the bed level? I would check that as it looks like you are out of focus the further right you go.

Looks like the bottom image shows you may be moving too fast, not giving time for the beam to fire and deposit enough energy to give you a crisp mark.

Thanks Rick. Very appreciated!

I will check the bed level in the morning. I did have it level but it may have gotten thrown off somehow.

I am also going to check to see if the laser beam is coming out out the nozzle “clean and true”. I didn’t even think about checking that until now.

Thanks Again!

With all that bouncing around/cracked a lens, you might want to go through the entire machine, double-checking everything is as fit as it can be. Wouldn’t hurt and might save you some real headaches down the road. Not tryin to be all “dad” on ya, just sayin…:slight_smile:

To me, this looks like it’s out of focus, so I agree with Rick - Check over your alignment, make sure the lens is in the right way (curved side up), mirrors are all clean, and your focus height is correct.


Thank You Rick and Oz! Your help was helpful and appreciated.

After leveling the laser tube, replacing a cracked lens and re-aligning the mirrors and adjusting the nozzle lens my laser is now working at 100%.

Thank you for your help!

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