Reccomendations for head mounted camera?

Does anyone have any suggestions or recommendations for a head mounted camera? I understand that this feature is not as well developed as the fixed camera, but I have limited head space, don’t want to build a separate mounting apparatus, and also suspect that a lower res (cheaper) camera may work just as well?


Most cameras are fixed position. that way they can see the entire work area.
Mounting to the head will certainly help with the view of what is going on at the business end but cannot be used for most of Lightburn’s functions of capturing a feature or positioning. You will also have the weight penalty of the additional mass having to move as well as the cable management issue.
It can be done but will have limited usefulness.

My understanding was that the head-mounted camera feature within Lightburn supported capturing and positioning by scanning the head over the workspace and stitching the images together.

A different forum member did some elaborate testing on head mounted cameras and documented the findings with instructions on how to go about it. This may be valuable for you to review.

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