Red Black laser stepping motor 57bhh51-280a-25c

I have a bad stepper motor tried lots of searches not having any luck. Anyone give me a heads up for UK supplier please.

It’s more than likely a standard NEMA motor… What does each side measure?

A NEMA17 is 1.7" a side, the NEMA23 is 2.3" on a side… Probably a NEMA23…

Can you post a few photos of it?


It’s a CW Motor, 51mm. It judders. I tested the X motor & that works fine on the same controller

Maybe this will help you figure out what it is… The measurements, if correct, indicate a NEMA20, but doesn’t sound like anything I’ve ever heard of… It’s more than likely a NEMA23, a common stepper motor on these… That’s what on my China Blue…

Check out this PDF, remove the txt extension… double check the measurements… It’s in inches not mm.

Data-Sheet-Stepper-Motor-Support.pdf.txt (839.0 KB)

Good luck


Thanks for that. The NEMA23 has almost the same settings apart from the torque, mine is listed at 7 and the NEMA23 is 1.9. The laser is a 500x700 80w

Just adding, I think the torque setting must be .7 as none of the motors I’ve looked at are are rated that high…

Mine is a 3050 size, it has standard NEMA23 motors in it… As does both of my rotaries.

My small dpssl only has NEMA17 in it and one I had ran with a NEMA8 … tiny little guy :wink:

Also check what your motor drivers, are set, current wise… The current is set at the motor driver, not the controller.

The OMTech people mine set to twice that of it’s rating… You could cook an egg on them… I reduced it at the motor driver… Same performance (pretty much) you can touch these all day long and not get burnt.

I have a very lightweight head, so I did have to lower the acceleration from 65,000mm/s^2 to around 45,000mm/s^2. It still runs at 1650mm/s… pretty useless speed wise, but the acceleration pays of in reducing overscan or less time for a job.


Although only one of the motors died I bought two replacements just to make sure the drive is the same. Motors ordered from stepperonline great price and service. Shaft size was different to the current spec - but it didn’t say that on the Chinese site, so had to order small drive gears (6.35). All up and running today :slight_smile:

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