Redsail X900 100Watt

It’s been a long time since I posted anything here. I have a Big Blue laser and happily have been using it for several years now with Lightburn being my up front software. I can’t say enough good things about Lightburn.
I have a buddy who bought a Redsail X900 100 Watt laser after playing with mine a few times. Last weekend he called me and told me to come pick his up; he didn’t want it any more. Long story. Basically, I’m now the owner of a X900, 100 watt. It does need a couple of pulley/rollers replaced, which he purchased but never installed.
I asked him if he used Lightburn and he told me that he used the Chinese software that came with it, because he didn’t think Lightburn worked with the Redsail. However, I see several topics here where it appears that several of you are indeed using Lightburn with your Redsail. I’m having difficulty finding much information on this particular laser. I am still happy with my Big Blue, but the bed size is much larger on the Redsail. Right now, I have the Redsail sitting on my patio under a tarp. I don’t want to go through the trouble of swapping them out from my patio and office until I know I’m going to be happy with the new (to me) one.
I’m looking for a couple of things, first and most important, will Lightburn work with the X900? Secondly, someone I can use a reference who has experience with the x900 for when I have questions.
Any insight anyone can give me, I would really appreciate it!

Pictures and/or controller information are needed in order to let you know if light LB is compatible.

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Here’s some detail photos, I believe the controller is a TL-403CB

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I’m confused by this answer. So, the TL-403CB won’t work with Lightburn? Is it possible to swap out the controller to make it work? I have hundreds of files already in Lightburn, I know how to work with it, I don’t really want to learn some other new software.
I’m not certain what your description about the Topwisdom controller is about and how it relates to my questions.

You need to read the whole thing. You need to download the TDI drivers.

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