Release date for MillMage?

Any news about the release date for Millmage?
According to the livestream the plan was to have it ready to sell Q1 2024, and now there is only ~2weeks left of Q1.

Flak incoming.


I’m an anxious 73-year old with a homemade cnc router, and sure would like to purchase MillMage before I die.LOL


You have at least, 20 more years of chip making ahead of you :smiley:
But yes everyone is in “biting nails” mode for MillMage!


Yes, it’s definitely something to lock forward to!
I have been using Lightburn since December 2017 with Co2 and later fiber lasers, and have always been really happy with the software.
So when i found out about MillMage it was welcome news!
I was looking to get Vectric Cut 2D or V-carve, but i am waiting for Millmage before pulling the trigger.


Thank you for asking and your ongoing support of our efforts. We very much appreciate this. We continue the work to provide MillMage, adding new features and refining and testing the work done to date. Things have been moving forward positively. At the same, software, so things come up and can take longer than anticipated. This along with managing fixes, developing new features and releases for our existing products, and providing support to our current customers consumes a bunch of time as well.

It is coming, we are now targeting late Q2 - early Q3 2024. :slight_smile:


Is there a target price range for this new product? Will it be priced like Lightburn (annual renewal)?

Thanks for asking, Bill. We will be releasing more information on pricing once we get closer, but the licensing model will match that of LightBurn.

  • One-time purchase
  • Lifetime Usage
  • Maintenance / Updates annual (1st yr included, then renewal)

I can’t say enough good things about LightBurn, as it’s the first and only software I’ve been able wrap my head around. My trial version has been graciously renewed multiple times, but the time has come for me to purchase/support the software, even though it doesn’t actually fully control [Z-axis] my home-made desktop cnc router, constructed strictly for engraving aluminum enclosures. But while I’m waiting for the chance to purchase MillMage, and have control of my spindle motor up/dn position, can anyone suggest another ware that might be simple enough for me to learn, and get by with, until MillMage gets released?

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Check out carbide 3d


For routing I use carbide create ver6 to generate Gcode and openbuilds control to run project.

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That’s great! Will definitely buy with that model but wouldn’t have had it been any kind of subscription!
Really looking forward to using it!

ESTLCam is also a good CAM program that you can try for free. I have been using it for several years on my MPCNC.

PS - I can’t wait to use MillMage. I have really enjoyed using Lightburn.

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GrblGru is a very powerful freeware software that acts as a controller, simulator and CAM path generator. It has essential 2D tools, but the CAM tools are truly advanced. I collaborate with the developer following the Italian translations, and I must say that I am increasingly amazed by its functionality. Seeing is believing!

PS does not manage imperial measurements only metric system


The GrblGru author has a presance on Makerforums and is very responsive to questions.

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As a novice, and yet being able to understand and use LightBurn, I anxiously await the release of MillMage for my custom router… at ‘whatever’ the price point.

Lightburn is so easy to use and learn ! i love it and use it for so much more then my lasers. can’t wait to use it for my Cnc and get rid of all the other software… hope to use Lightburn , Millmage and Fusion 360 in the very near future and nothing else.

I have just woke up my 4040xe CNC router after its 2 year hibernation. I run Lightburn on all of my lasers and find the software very easy to use and functional. After reading about Millmage, I decided that my 4040xe needs to pay for itself. I am hoping Millmage comes out very soon as I have gone to Carveco Maker for now to run my designs for the 4040xe. All I am interested in right now is etching or engraving metal, glass, slate, acrylic. I look forward to using MillMage upon its release, hopefully before I turn 70 this year. Have at it all, enjoy the rest of the year.

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