Removed Email from Header - Clell - OLM 3 Image selection and Pause Button

I have two problems:First…My software doesn’t allow me to choose what type of image to print. eg. Newsprint, gray scale. It just picks one at random. Second…the pause button doesn’t have any effect on my machine. OLM3. I’m running win11 64bit. Thank you

As you say, two problems.

First things first.

Do you not see (have) the ability to change Image Mode in the Cut/Layer window?

Perhaps it would be best to start a second topic for the second problem to keep the issues and their solutions for getting commingled.

I took the liberty of moving your Ortur Laser Master 3 question into the Ortur Group and removed your email address from the message header.

It’s important for safety to not post your email address. Web bots scour the web looking for email addresses and sell lists to spammers.

Please let me know if you had difficulty finding the thread after it has been moved and named.
You should receive an updated link to your original message by email.

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