Replace laser module of Ortur Laser Master 2

I have the Ortur Laser Master 2 15W (400x430) and I am interested in changing the laser module to cut. The results when recording are good, but I would like to improve in the cut. I am evaluating different models of 20-30W from various brands, but I am not sure that they will be compatible or the results they give…
I have seen that for the new model, the OLM2 Pro, they have updated the laser with better results compared to the previous one.

My question is:
Could you change the LU1-3 that my OLM2 has for the new LU2-4? It’s compatible?
What other brands should I value?

I don’t know much about electronics, so I don’t want to risk damaging the machine…
I would appreciate recommendations!

Thanks so much!

Yes you can change it to the LU2-4 without any problems, just a straight swap. You must get the 12v version not the 24v

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Basically any 12V laser will work on your Ortur as long as you can get it physically mounted. They all work in fundamentally the same way. For increased cutting performance the usual suspects are:

  1. Neje A40640 - dual diode
  2. Atomstack M50 - dual diode
  3. Sculpfun S9 laser module - single diode but thinnest focus beam

Both the Neje and Atomstack have a lot of optical power on account of the dual diode system. Sculpfun achieves cuts through having a tighter focus dot. Depending on your needs one approach could be better than another.

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These are my recommended choices although i have an S9 that i did a serious mod to, but i just bought the Atomstack M50 and it kicks @$$…Gotta sweet S9 for sale lol

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