Replacing a LNC LS232A controller with a Ruida 6445, will the configuration be an issue?

I’ve a 1290 machine with an LNC controller that’s had issues connecting with LB. I haven’t been able to sort the issues (despite some suggestions in a previous post), now, with this Covid 19 crisis, I thought it would be a good time to change the controller when the machine isn’t in use. It was the long term plan

This forum has answered some of my questions, however, my main concern is setting up the new controller with the right configuration. I’ve contacted the original machine manufacturer (in China) but I haven’t heard anything from them yet, I’m not hopeful that they will reply as it’s been 4-5 days since I emailed them
My brother-in-law is an electrician with experience with fibre laser machines, I’m more familiar with CNC foam cutting machines.

I’m optimistic that we can figure out the correct settings or am I being to naive?

I was looking at Cloudray supplied 6445G standard unit at just under €300?


It will take a little time to configure, but it’s not terribly hard, just fussy. Take screen shots of all the settings you can find in the software you have, so you have a starting point for things like speeds, acceleration, motor step lengths for each axis, and so on. The more of that you have, the simpler it will be.

@gepkooc just converted from a TopWisdom controller to a Ruida and I helped them via email, so they can likely give you an idea of the difficulty level for a new user.

Having done it a bunch, it usually takes me about an hour to set up a new machine. For someone who’s never done it before, I’d say expect it to take about an hour or two for the initial basics, like homing direction and motor setup, then another hour or two of tuning the movement parameters to dial things in (but if you start with a known good baseline that will drop considerably).

Thanks Oz for the reply and info.
It was the type answer I was hoping for, given the current situation we will have lots of time to experiment to get the machine running smoothly… with some help from this forum I’m sure.

I’ve ordered the controller, so I’ll have time to take note the current config details before we start the change over.

Thanks again and stay safe

Hi TIA, and welcome to Lightburn Fourm. You wont regret being here. lol I sure havent.
Lot of great info in all of the discussion boards and the people here are very knowledgeable, polite, and courteous. Oz was able to talk us through the questions we have had and Sasquatch sent me a link that I wish I would have had sooner!! lol
My husband did the rewiring from top wisdom to the rudia 6445G from cloud ray. I have reached out to cloudray a number of times for tec support and i only get a message that says… someone will get back to you soon. havent heard from them in almost a month now. That being said, hubby marked all the wires before disconnecting anything. Watched a YouTube video from Matts workshop) We are very new to all this… as in, we know NOTHING about laser engraving so have relied heavily on people here and else where. It took him about an hour or so to mark all the wires and put in new board. other then set up it went pretty smooth. Hope this helps

I’ve captured the bulk of the instructions I gave Peggy here in our upcoming new documentation rewrite:

That should get you going.

Hi Peggy & Michael, thanks for your post.
Some companies are very slow or don’t respond. I have tried to contact the machine manufacturer for advice/help with no response :frowning: Like you say this forum has already proved to be a useful addition. Lots of info learned in this Ruida Controllers section. :+1:

I’ve been scouring Youtube for controller related vids and have come across Matts Workshop and numerous others, it can be the ultimate rabbit hole. I also went to the Cloudray site where I’ve downloaded the manual.

I’m feeling more confident that it’s not going to be a ‘nightmare’ to do the change over… we’ll see when the controller arrives :scream:


Thanks again OZ for the info.
I think we’re at a fairly good starting point now, looking forward to the controller arriving so that we can get started.
In the meantime I’ll be catching up on some Lightburn tutorial videos.


Hello, I am new to this forum. Your post about getting a Ruida 644xs is the best I have found anywhere. I just replaced my CamFive cma laser control board and I am having trouble getting it to work properly. I am about to put your setting into my new Ruida however your chart of the x and y axis settings does not show any settings for the y axis. Perhaps I am missing something? Also in the engraving window My machine has two more entries then you show in your chart.

Please advise

Don’t put my settings into your controller - they likely won’t be correct. The instructions are intended to walk you through figuring out the proper settings for your machine, because every machine is different.

Thank you very much. I guess I will have to just start working at it.

I did not put your settings into my ruida 644xs controlller. I have been trying to set up the home position on the machine however when I turn the machine off it settings are not remembered at the next startup. When I change some settings I write them and then I load them into the controller.
The pulse button causes the laser to come on and run about 1" in the y direction. Sometimes it will run until it slams into the most y direction it can go.
Please advise

Richard Grace

There is no setting anywhere that would cause this. My best guess is that you have something mis-wired, but I honestly have no idea how or what could cause this. If the settings are not remembered when you write them, that’s not a good sign either - you may have a faulty controller.

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