Replicating pieces

I have a wall switch I purchased :smiley:and wanted to replicate it and cut one out on my laser for my grandkids… I have tried to take a photo, I have tried scanning them then use trace image to create a vector but have had no luck. Is this possible and how would you do it.

It is possible, and we have a few resources to help you learn how to do it. But there are factors beyond LightBurn control that you should consider to get the best results.

Start with the design and image capture. If you start with a very complex design and use an oddly lit, low-resolution image, the results can be challenging. LightBurn has several built-in tools to assist the workflow, but you will need to work the trial and error method to get the results you would like.

Have a look at the links below, then maybe post a picture of what you have and what you have tried, the result and we can go from there. :slight_smile:

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