Request the third activation?

I have an old MacBook Air that I had activated and it stopped working with Lightburn. I have had it repaired and would like to have a third license for, how do I request the third activation?

Your best bet would be to go remove your old laptop from the licensing, and then you won’t need a 3rd.

You can remove the dead machine from your license using the License Portal ← Click here for instructions. The license provides two simultaneous machines running LightBurn, not simply two activations. You can remove and reinstall your license on other machines as needed.

When the old laptop stopped working with lightburn (would not connect because of comms problem) I removed the machine from my license and moved it to another machine (my wife’s laptop). I now want the third activation to put the old machine back into action, but not remove the second in case the third still doesn’t work with lightburn.

Done. Please check the license portal again, you should now see a 3rd seat has been added.

When reading our FAQ on ‘How the license works’, you’ll see we ask folks to email us at with this request, as we do not want to potentially expose personal information here in public. :slight_smile:

I recently requested, and quickly received a third seat activation because it fit my particular workflow better. I’d just like to say that (aside from it being just a fantastic piece of software) it’s customer-focused policies like these that will keep me coming back for license renewals and upgrades in the future.


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