Resizing a purchased project

Hello I was wondering how I resize an purchased project to use with my 3mm wood. The project cuts are currently 2.25mm and there are a bunch of them that have to be changed. The project was purchased as a laser ready project and I hope I didnt waste my money.

If it doesn’t matter that the total size changes, the easiest way to do it is to type 133.33 in the % cell. (aspect ratio must be locked)

If it’s got slots and tabs, and that’s the problem… there is a selection for Tools → Resize slots in selection. This will allow you to change the material size. suggestion will scale the size of the entire project…it’s ok if that’s what you want.


I can see that your suggestion changes my slot sizes accordingly but the entire project is now so big it is bigger than my workspace

That is why I also wrote that it is only a solution where it does not matter that the subjects become 33% larger.
The other solution is to only change the connections as @jkwilborn suggests.

I tried his suggestion but the tool cannot locate or change or highlight the slots and tabs. I have no idea why it cant select them.

it’s hard to help without having the file, can you send the file or parts of it as lbrn2 file?

earringstand.lbrn2 (92.2 KB)

earringstand-3mm.lbrn2 (70.4 KB)
It took me a little longer to figure it out, sorry.
The main problem was that LightBurn’s fine resize tool doesn’t like curved lines and curves :wink: Even though everything looks perfectly straight and everything is at an angle, it’s still curved lines. Once they are (manually) corrected by pointing in edit mode to the line and pressing L on the keyboard, LightBurn`Resizer works great again.

…I would recommend that you use absolute coordinates, it makes things a little easier.

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