Reverse Engrave

I’m cutting a circle with text on it. I want to leave a small lip around the edge(not engraved). The text in the circle I want to leave alone and engrave everything around it so the letters stick out.

Any help please?

Is this what you are wanting to accomplish?

That’s exactly what I want to do.

I guess I need to figure out how to add an outline.

Would need to “see” what you are trying to do to offer additional suggestions.

I suppose I need boundaries around every letter? I haven’t figured that out.

The preview shows I have the border but the lettering is scanned over at the end.

Hard to tell from the information you have provided, but it looks like you don’t have the layer settings correct. Is this what you are trying to accomplish?

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Or you could add a cut line around each letter as well by setting the layer to ‘Fill+Line’.

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That’s precisely what I’m trying to do.

How do I change the layers to achieve the preview picture you provided above?

I drew a circle then created the text. They are both on a single layer (black) set to ‘Fill’. If you want the letters outlined, set that layer to ‘Fill+Line’ instead. Fill works using the boundaries of objects to turn the fill ON or OFF as described in detail in the post I shared above titled “How do I invert (negate) a vector engraving?”. Might be worth another read.

The red circle was a 10mm ‘Offset’ of the original circle, then set to ‘Line’ its own (red) layer. That’s all. Power, speed and the ‘Fill’ scan interval can be set to what is appropriate for the laser power and materials you intend to output this onto.

That was the trick. Thanks.


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