Reverse light bridge? TCP traffic to control is laser

Hello! Trying to find a way to control my laser in my garage with my workstation that is in a different room. I’m familiar with using python to talk to serial ports, just not sure how to get light burn to send the gcode to python (network or serial). Any thoughts?

Take a look through this Topic:

I was hoping to get around using a raspberry pi if possible. I can do raspberry pi OS on a virtual machine, but not a pi directly, and not familiar enough to convert that over

Did you watch the video linked in the last post? It shows a Pi based solution.

Yea, that’s what I mean, I don’t have a pi, but I have a laptop I can set next to it to act as a relay. Not sure how to get from a normal pi to pi OS since they seem fundamentaly different

Ah. Sorry. I misunderstood what you were getting at. Note that the VirtualHere software discussed in that video can run on Windows, Linux, Android, Mac, and certain NASes so not limited to Pi.

Oh wow! That’s actually exactly what I was looking for! Thank you very much, you’re a life saver!

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