Question - converting USB only interface on laser to wifi or bluetooth

Have a Creality Falcon Laser, which has a USB-C only interface. Would be nice to convert to either wifi or bluetooth. I haven’t found anything yet, but obviously, this is something you can’t install any BT/Wifi drivers on - so it would need to work “right off the bat”, and be powered by the USB-C interface on the unit. LB Console says it is a ESP32S2_V1, so any current draw (if there is ANY USB output at all on this board), would need to fit within the abilities of the board.

Any ideas?

If your board has exposed pads or pins for a serial connection you might be able to connect an ESP8266 to those and use IP with Wifi to connect. This would be basically the same as what LaserGRBL does. I suspect you’d want to use the Telnet to Serial model.

See here for reference:
WiFi with ESP8266 – LaserGRBL

Keep in mind that I have not seen anyone successfully using LightBurn with IP configuration on GRBL systems so far. Check here for background:

I have heard of Bluetooth Serial to USB modules and believe there are references to some successes on this forum for such setups. I think theoretically there could be a similar Wifi Serial to USB solution but have not seen any commercially available. I suspect a Raspberry Pi could be configured to behave this way but haven’t seen any examples of this.

Thanks - due to the dearth of information I’ve found so far, I figured it was not too successful…


You may want to check out this video. He describes a way of virtualizing USB devices via IP. It’s a more generalized solution but I suspect would work well. I’ve seen similar bluetooth virtualization strategies.

Converting Any USB Device to A Wireless USB using Raspberry Pi Zero - YouTube

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Wow, this is a really good find.

Take some good pics of the control board. If that ESP32 has a shiny metal box around the chip or an antenna socket or circuit board trace that could be used for an antenna you may have all kinds of options. xTool has a Shiny metal box and an antenna foil on theirs but that would be an exploratory process where ‘you’re on your own’ for that one.