Roland LV290 - Lightburn Compatibility

Hi guys,

So I was visiting Roland DG in the UK yesterday as I was looking at UV Printers and we had a play with their new-ish Roland LV290 laser machine. I had a play with their software and the control aspects of the machine and I’ve got mixed feelings about how good they are but this was also my first time using it.

The question I had was does anyone know what controller they use as I tried plugging in my Mac and reading the controller info and it didn’t seem to be able to bring up any info and therefore wasn’t compatible with the Roland.

I was wondering if anyone has any experience or owns a Roland with Lightburn and whether or not its supported or if Lightburn have plans to support the Roland machine in the future?

Thanks again,
Steve - 4130

There’s no info provided anywhere about what kind of controller they’re using, but they mention their VersaWorks software, so I’m guessing it’s proprietary. That would mean we’d have to purchase a unit to reverse engineer it, or Roland would have to supply the specs, and it’s doubtful that either of those will happen without a significant amount of customer interest.

That makes total sense, I’ll keep pushing with Roland UK to try and see if something could be done as it would in my opinion open up lots of opportunities to people considering buying a machine from them. They did mention that its based on or built by GCC I seem to remember, not sure if that’s any help?

I’m not after one of their laser machines, I’m really happy using Lightburn with my ThinkLaser unit as it works like a dream but it would be good if they opened up their machines to working with better software.

Thanks again

If it’s a GCC laser that explains a lot - I thought VersaLaser sounded familiar, and the price was borderline silly. GCC makes very good machines, but they’re completely proprietary, like Universal, Epilog, and Trotec.

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