Rope Design For Ornaments

New here. I hope I can explain my question so it makes sense to everyone. When you hold down shift to make a circle, that’s fine. What I want is to make circles that look like rope instead of a line circle. Is there some software I need to get do these kind of fancy circles?

This sounds similar to someone else’s request a little while ago. Is this similar to what you’re looking for?

Yes sir that’s it. I just wish I knew what you guys are talking about, that stuff is way over my head. Thanks for showing it to me.

Here are a few different sized blank ornaments with a “rope”.

Rope_Ornament_Blanks.lbrn (272.6 KB)

Are you offering this to me? Cost?

What exactly are you looking for? Will this file work for you?

Looking to make hanging car mirror ornaments for a classic car club.Not sure what I want, just something that’s better than a bare edge. The rope would work. I just want to give them a good looking hanger.

Here is one with a wavy cut

Car_Charm.lbrn (30.7 KB)

Here is a slightly different one.

Car_Charm_Wave.lbrn (35.2 KB)

Thanks I’ll speak with the club ,see what they like.

Look at circle arrays in the documentation and YouTube videos on LightBurn to get you started. Cheers.