Rotary axis not rotating

I am setting up my rotary for the first time. I have a Ruida 6445G controller and a chuck style rotary. I am starting by sending simple shapes to the laser. I have been sending to the controller and then running the file but I am not getting any rotation while running the file. The frame buttons in Lightburn cause the rotary to rotate as expected. If I manually rotate the chuck using the Y axis buttons on the Ruida the axis will rotate back to the origin and fire the laser but no further rotation takes place. I have reduced the steps per rotation to 50 with no change in the behaviour.
What have I overlooked?

Just in case anyone else has this happen to them, the Ruida 6445G requires the rotary commands to be on the U axis. My laser was built with only 2 drivers and a disconnect for the Y axis to connect the rotary. After receiving another driver and wiring it up to the U axis I was able to get the rotary working.

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