Rotary help please

I am having significant issues trying to get my chuck style rotary to operate properly with my Omtech 100 watt laser. After it is connected to the Y axis I enter the diameter of the object and have set the steps per rotation at 8000 and enable the rotary, I try to run a test or frame the file sent to the controller and all the laser will do is move on the X axis and will not rotate. If I disable the rotary and runt the test it will rotate but I cannot get the lines to meet no matter what I set the steps per rotation to, they always overlap at the same point regardless. I’ve tried 4000 steps up to 12,000 steps and I get no change in the rotary start and stop point. I’m desperate.

Following Along.

Any error messages? You need to know the full circumference of the chuck, in mm. Then command G0 Y(what you measured) and keep adjusting the Steps per Rotation until you get exactly one revolution of the chuck. No chuck on my machine, so I am not sure about reversing. But I would do a G0 Y-(what you measured) to get it back to the starting point. Then try a G0 Y(what you measured +/- a small adjustment) to refine the positioning accuracy.

Assumption: Y max travel is greater than the chuck circumference.

You need to ensure it’s setup properly… try following this post …

Any issues, sing out…

Good luck…


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