Rotary issues : laser grid numbers in negative x-396 y-396 after unplugging Rotary YRR

I am having issue
and the laser goes to negative numbers on the grid and then says its out of its limits i take the rotary back off and then it goes to X -396 Y -396 and then is out of its work limits did the $RST=* and it back to normal but if i plug in the rotary it goes crazy again
i read to not plug in the rotary with the power on the laser so was worried if i let it home then pluged in the rotary with power it could short out or something i thought to update the firmware would fix this issue but unable to do that no download for the updated firmware on the site
please help got cups to do
to add for the ones that need this info
windows 10 on a laptop
ortur laser master 2 pro olf 170
ortur rotary YRR

Having same issue … hoping to get help as well.

I have the same issue after using a rotary. turned power off and unplugged it. When back and loaded the normal profile and now I have negative numbers. I will try the rset command tonight. but would be nice to have a fix for this.

I was told this was the reason for the -397,-397

Also look for the Error 9 - that’s the big tell.

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I don’t think that’s necessarily the specific reason for -397, -397 but it is the reason why people have problems coming back to normal mode after trying their rotaries. LightBurn will switch the homing parameter to 1 when it expects a 43. Note that this behavior has been corrected in newer firmware.

In either case the $RST=* will correct both issues. I think a $RST=# would fix an issue with -397,-397 that does not have an issue with homing but hasn’t been tested.