Rotary Problems with smoothieware

I have lightburn with a cohesion 3D controller board (smoothieware) I have just added a generic rotary which uses a nema 17 stepper motor (1.8 degrees step angle) connected to the “A” connector on the board. The rollars are 9mm diameter.
When I use the rotary setup in LB, instead of doing one rotation then reverse, it does many rotations but seems to pause every few seconds then continue.
Any suggestions?
(the cohesion forum seems to have died)

I spent several hours at the home of another member yesterday. I had only used the chuck, so I was on a learning mission too.

  1. Using the Test button and Rollers selected, the rollers rotated a bunch of times, then reverses back a bunch of turns. The chuck will rotate one turn and back.
    2, The roller diameter (9mm) goes in the Roller Diameter box.
  2. The circumference of the part goes in the mm per rotation box.
  3. The Test button should rotate the PART one revolution and back.
  4. If the rotary is enabled, you should get predictable results with your drawing.

Are you sure the diameter is 9mm? That seems small. Rollers I measured were in the 16-19 mm range, The bottom 2 boxed in the Rotary Setup window can be use to convert between Diameter and Circumference.

Hi, I got it working, was a problem with the cables.
Using the LB test option I have got it to turn the rollers once, then reverse.
not been able to try engraving anything yet (rotary is on the bench at the side of the laser) need to change a few things on the laser first. It does what it should but seems to be turning slowly, won’t really know until I can do a test burn.
the rollers are 9mm this one Laser Rotary Roller Attachment for Engraving Cylindrical Objects Cans Tubes | eBay
Ebay cheapy!

Check this topic Cohesion 3D firmware to get a reference for future.

Glad to hear you got it. Kind of makes what I said iffy. I kind of wonder if there are multiple setups that will make the rotary work.

Anyhow, glad you are in business!