Rotary setup not behaving as it should. what a suprise

Hi guys. I have checked the other posts but do not seem to be able to find an answer. First off my rotary seems to be missing steps. I assume trhat when testing it should always return to the starting point regardless of the amount of steps. I have attached pictures to demonstrate the problem. I have a seperate connector for the rotary and share the y stepper controller at the moment.
second i have calculated that my y step cycles are 5000. The ratio is set at approxomatley 1 to 1.5. Therefore i need 7500 steps/revolution of the driving wheel. I times this by the diameter of my glass obect divided by 67 the diameter of the roller. When i test it appears okay. When i try to engrave the image is streched double on the y and correct on the x. I know that i can take the differance and multiply the steps but this is a problem on one offs. Hence i destroyed decanter.
Any advice on the two queiries? Thank you
Sorry cannot see where to add pictures.
the step loss increments on each test.

Try searching for topics on rotary setup / calibration. The process you described that your using seems overly complex.

Thanks for responding. I have checked many of the topics. Basically i set the steps for 1 rotation and it works fine. When ii engrave it doubles the y axis. The only topic that got near to helping said to reduce the steps by enough to get y axis in place. That does not help if i am engraving on a decanter 125mm dia and find it is not right. As i did. When i checked back on my 80mm dia test bottles i did not notice the error as it was not that much over. I could be a setting but have not a clue where to look.

what kind of rotary do you have?

It is a 4 wheel rotary similar to the one cloudray sell. The belt drives both rollers

For a roller rotary the diameter of the glass has nothing to do with it.

You need to:
A) Figure out how many steps it takes to move the roller one full turn and enter that in the setup box.
B) Figure out the diameter of the ROLLER and enter that.

That should do it. Knowing the diameter of the glass is unnecessary and is not part of any calculations for a roller rotary.

If you have a chuck type rotary then the diameter of the glass is important.

This should help:

I had a similar issue with my rotary, turned out my belt was loos on the rotary itself. It was a pretty simple fix, just had to remove the cover and tighten the belt. Works great now.

Guys what can i say. I was so wrong. Pretty embarrasing for a ex engineering designer. Not interested in complete rotation but the distance the pully drives it. Thank you all so much for putting me right. Now have to get another decanter.

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