Rotary step calibration gone?

I any trying to setup a new laser. When I go to the Rotary setup I select Chuck. I put in the diameter and click test. The chuck makes almost 2 revolutions. When I setup previous rotaries I could adjust the steps per revolution. That option seems to be gone. Did it get moved.

I am using Lightburn 1.5.06
I am setting up a WeCreat Vision Rotary Chuck connected to A axis.

Can you post a screen shot of the gui setup?

It should look like one of these…


before I had a place to change the number of steps per revolution.

I think this is unusual. I don’t think the GRBL controller is set up for the Aaxis operation. The Aaxis is normally for a rotary device, which could be a chuck but more likely a table. I suspect that if you select Yaxis for the rotary, the missing field will appear. Why did you not use the Yaxis?

Does your controller board have an Aaxis output connector? Please describe how you set it up.

Read along the following topic.

Yes, I am using a profile supplied by the manufacture. It uses the A-axis. It is working but needs the esteps set. I can’t find where to set it as I did my other rotaries.

I read this before. They never figured it out or if they did they never posted back. They were resizing the image to 60% as a work around. If you are making you image 60% that is really going to mess with your placement.

The solution is there. Set the position of the shapes, then rotate and apply the ratios.

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