Rotary Support for 1390 150 watt CO2 laser

I have a blue and white 1390 150 watt CO2 laser. It has a Ruida 6445G(EC) controller, the X & Y use Panasonic servos, the Z is a 2-phase stepper.

I installed another 2-phase controller for the U-Axis for a Rotaryboss. That is where my trouble started. I assumed that the Ruida was a true 4-axis controller… I searched the forums for solutions to get Lightburn to recognize the U-Axis as the Rotary Axis. I thought I found the solution: upgrade the Ruida firmware to V15.01.22 that purported to have U-Axis support in Lightburn. After upgrading the firmware, none of the “tricks” to get LB to recognize the U-axis as the Rotary axis worked for me.

So as I see it I am faced with a few choices:

  1. Replace the stepper motor on the rotary with a Panasonic servo and swap Y-axis cables. (Abandon the U-Axis idea totally.) About $350 and a pain to swap cables.

  2. Swap out the Ruida controller with a Trocen AWC7846. (I’m not 100% sure the U-drive/Rotary feature on this controller is fully supported in LB.) About $350.

  3. Wait for a Firmware and or Lightburn solution for the Ruida controller. $0, but a loss of potential revenue while I wait.


Doesn’t anyone have any recommendations?

I was able to make The Ruida work. I loaded the R6 firmware, and even though the U-Axis doesn’t appear to be available to LightBurn - it just works. The only option available is still the Y-Axis, but the firmware is pointing it to U. I’m still interested in the Trocen. It looks like a nice controller.

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