Ruida 6445G Supports Rotary with new Firmware

I wrote to Ruida expressing the interest and need for a dedicated rotary axis on the RDC6445G . According to the the work and effort the good folks at LightBurn have put into exploring the possibility, I remember reading that their conclusion was that the firmware does not allow for control of the U axis for a rotary. Commands to move this axis cannot be combined with commands to pulse the laser.

Today I received the following from Cyan Liang Overseas sales manager, Shenzhen Ruida Science Technology Limited:

Thank you for your email.

RDC6445G has rotary fundtion,but it is the apecila firmware,if you have to inofrom me you need this firmware bedore you place the order.

Best regards

Thunder Laser has this (or a version of it) on their controllers as well. When you enable rotary mode, it uses the U axis output instead of the Y axis, so they still can’t be used together, but it means you don’t manually have to switch the plugs.

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